Pre-order Epilogue – tales of hope after the apocalypse

epilogue - tales of hope after the apocalypseFableCroft has opened pre-orders on Epilogue, an anthology of stories about finding hope in the aftermath of the apocalypse. It’s exciting to read that the anthology is to be launched at Continuum in June, where Twelfth Planet Press should also be letting my Australian Gothic Salvage loose on the public as well.

Another title being launched at Continuum is Bread and Circuses (also available for pre-order), an anthology by the inimitable Felicity Dowker. Nom nom nom!

There are some old hands and new chums in the table of contents of Epilogue, which should make for some interesting and perhaps atypical reading for stories in this setting. Epilogue costs $20 including postage.

Also worth pointing out is that FableCroft has put After the Rain on special for $15 inc postage; it includes my cyberpunk yarn ‘Wet Work’.

And here’s a clue to one of the themes of my ‘Epilogue’ story, ‘Mornington Ride’:

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5 Responses to “Pre-order Epilogue – tales of hope after the apocalypse”

  1. seantheblogonaut Says:

    And my wallet takes more hits :). Good round up

  2. jason nahrung Says:

    LOL the hidden cost — and weight — of conventions!

  3. seantheblogonaut Says:

    Indeed will have to work extra hard if i want a book budget

  4. jason nahrung Says:

    I can guarantee you a drink at at least one launch ;)

  5. seantheblogonaut Says:

    Checking out soup kitchens in the inner city as we speak

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