Queensland flood appeal

So, pretty much every place I’ve lived in Queensland is flood-affected at the moment, to some degree, and a whole bunch of friends and family are facing different challenges as the storm plays out and damage is assessed. My old neighbour, dear Bundaberg, and surrounds have been hit hard. Donations are being accepted by the Red Cross to help the hundreds of people who have lost homes to tornadoes and floodwaters. You can give here. The storm cell is affecting northern NSW as well … only two years after the state was hammered by cyclones and flooding, they’ve been hit again.

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2 Responses to “Queensland flood appeal”

  1. Thanks, Jason, been a tough few days for Bundy. Please give if you can people and may the floodwaters recede soon – and all our evacuees stay safe x

  2. Hi Jason, Something a little cheeky that makes it clean fun for anyone to help the flood victims: Just buy a bra, knickers or toiletry item and post to Undies for Bundy, PO Box 5589, Bundaberg 4670. FaceBook Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Undies-for-Bundy/357924177657037 Thanks for your help, everyone!

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