FREE story: Forged in Blood

forged in blood vampire story
ABOUT 2011, when I was working on the first novel of my Vampires in the Sunburnt Country duology, Blood and Dust, I found my former police detective Phillip Reece musing about the fateful day that he stumbled into the shadow world of Maximilian von Schiller’s vampire organisation: ‘The moment he’d faced Mira in West End and said yes.’ But what was that moment?

I had half an idea that his role as a Special Branch detective in 1970s Brisbane had brought him into contact with Maximilian’s right-hand weapon, Mira, and the details didn’t matter so much. But as Reece developed as a character, the facts came to matter, if only so his reflections on his past had veracity and consistency. The reader didn’t need to know the specifics but I did.

And so I penned this ‘origin’ story of a major moment in Reece’s life, and Mira’s too, to some extent: a moment that would come to ensnare Kevin Matheson – mechanic, renegade, vampire. Enjoy!

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