The Darkness Within

the darkness within

the darkness within

The Darkness Within is a supernatural thriller in which Emily Winters must protect her family from a predatory coven of magicians. It is based on a novella written by my then girlfriend, Mil Clayton, and myself by email while we were courting three states apart.

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23 thoughts on “The Darkness Within

  1. I was wondering where I could get a copy. I saw the Blog on Amberkatze’s site and was very interested in the book.

  2. While I’ve replied to Brittany, bless her, privately, it’s worth adding this reply in case others are wondering the same thing about acquiring The Darkness Within (bless you, too!). There are a couple of options:
    You will find on this website a list of booksellers in Australia who ship overseas.
    There’s Amazon in the UK, and Amazon in the US has several booksellers offering copies.
    And if you email me, I can arrange a pretty good deal on a signed copy.
    Speaking of which, we are happy to send bookplates for free to anyone who wants their copy personalised. Just mail me and we’ll work out the details.

  3. Hi – I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this book.

    Very rarely do I read a book that makes me feel as involved as I do when playing a video game (ie hours disappear and the dogs go hungry).

    Only a few other authors have had this effect on me: Stephen King, Clive Barker and Kim Wilkins come to mind.

    After so many years of writing on and off myself I have only ever had one short story published, but reading a book like this always starts me off again.

  4. HI Megan, Thanks heaps for taking the time to leave this awesome message. That’s heady company you’ve lumped TDW in with! 🙂 I hope you persevere with your own writing, if that’s your passion (if it is, you won’t be able to stop anyway!). Best wishes, Jason.

  5. Hi Meike, thanks for your comment. I’m starting to develop an interest in writing a sequel, so maybe, just maybe, yes… 🙂

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  7. Hey. I am 16 years old and I live in SA. I really liked the book, but please, please write a sequel. I mean you leave me there so interested to reading a sequel just to find there is no sequel. Think about the your disappointed fans in South Africa.

  8. Hiyah

    Just to let you know that I ordered a copy of TDW via The Book Depository to be sent directly to my friend in UK.
    She received it safely and at the time of her email, said that she was thoroughly enjoying it – but had to Google what a “doona” was! LOL!

  9. HI Ethan, awesome to hear from a reader so far away! And even better that you enjoyed the story. I am working on a sequel! Cheers, Jason

  10. Great!! I can’t wait. You know this book got me addicted to reading? Well thanks and wow you actually replied to me.

  11. I’m sorry it took me a few days to get to your original message, Ethan; I’ve been moving and on the road. I’ve sent you an email directly 🙂

  12. Great book – looking forward to a sequel – I love this genre and its rare to find Australian writers in it.

  13. Thanks for your kind comment, Shelley. While I’m beavering away on my sequel, you might like to check out Keri Arthur and Narelle Harris, two other Aussies setting their dark supernatural tales in Australia.

  14. Hi, I’m 17 and I’m from Malaysia. I just stopped by to tell you how much I adore this book. My twin sister (younger!) bought this in a book sale. I thought it will be the usual Twilight-like story so I hesitated reading this.

    But reading this absolutely surprised me and I hope you (and Mil Clayton!) will continue writing!

    If there’s a sequel, I can’t wait!

  15. Thanks heaps for this email! Awesome to hear that the book is floating around in Malaysia, and that you enjoyed it. I’m also very glad that you found the story different from Twilight, NOT one of my favourite vampire stories 🙂 I am in the process of writing a sequel (finally!) — fingers crossed there will be good news on that score for all of us!

  16. Yippee! (That was what I said when I read your reply)

    I really can’t wait until you’ve finished writing it!! I’m not really into vampire stories since they tend to surround it around unbelievable traits in people (at least, that’s what my twin said) and pretty boys (or men!). Maybe there should be more depth to it than just the attraction and romance.

    Please do your best!

    P.S My twin commented that she had never read so much ‘f-words’ in a single book but I was laughing at it!

  17. LOL so far it’s looking like a little romance, less f-words, plenty of family crises and some very nasty demons. Fingers crossed it reaches the shelves, and gets to Malaysia!

  18. Hi
    I work in a book store and read your book as a proof back in early 2007 am thrilled to hear you are working on a sequel…will keep plugging the book.

  19. Now this is the kind of email to warm the cockles of a writer’s heart — this writer’s in particular, given I’ve just got in from a brisk walk from the train station and it’s rather autumnal out there! Thanks heaps, Jane!

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