Interviews with actors, singers, others

Herewith a selection of interviews I’ve had the good fortune to conduct with some very cool people indeed, thanks to my position as a journalist at Brisbane’s The Courier-Mail newspaper. These are some of the articles that left me not just with a warm glow, but a genuine sense of inspiration or insight.

With The Courier-Mail’s online archive being somewhat unreliable, I’ve reprinted some here. Other articles can be found in the bibliography section.


Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, 2002

Jon Lord of Deep Purple, 2003

Poppy Z Brite, 2005

Alice Cooper, 2005

Neil Gaiman, 2005

Nicole deBoer, 2006

Summer Glau, 2006

Brigitte Handley of the Dark Shadows, 2006

Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, 2007

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, 2007

Ian Astbury of The Cult, 2007

The Birthday Massacre, 2008

Covenant, 2008

John Foxx of Ultravox, 2008

Gary Numan, 2008

> A night as an extra on the Australian filming of Queen of the Damned, based on Anne Rice’s Lestat novels.

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