Salvage: reviews and interviews


(click links for full texts)

  • The Courier-Mail: “a dark thriller full of suspense – well-paced, old-fashioned horror at its best”

  • The Herald Sun: “an atmospheric and taut slice of Aussie vampire gothic”

  • Sean the Bookonaut: “love, passion and death collide in a tale that offers you both a deft plucking of your heart strings and a churning of your insides”

  • Check out what readers are saying at Goodreads

  • Thumbs up from both Tansy and Alex at Galactic Suburbia

  • Bree T at 1 girl 2 many books: “it packs quite a punch for a book of its slim size”

  • Kyla Ward at Tabula Rasa: “The prose ebbs and flows appropriately, by turns powerful and gentle, ghastly and beautiful – this is a beautiful, a sensual book”


  • At Rowena Cory Daniells’ blog

  • In the Sunshine Coast Daily
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