Reviews and interviews



A review by Andromeda Spaceways.

A review from The Courier-Mail newspaper.

A set of reviews at ASiF.

A review at Specusphere.



An interview with OzHorrorscope’s Talie Helene.

Gary Kemble’s Q&A with Mil and myself at ABC’s Articulate.

An interview with Time-Off’s Baz McAlister.

A Q&A with Specusphere’s Stephen Thompson.


A Q&A with Karen at Australian Crime Fiction.

An interview focusing on my inspiration and early influences ran in the June issue of CQ UniNews.


Lucy Sussex, The Sunday Age:
The book partakes of darkness, but is also about joy. It edges into the supernatural romance category, now a major seller. For the Goths in the family, but probably not your nanna, unless, as in this book, she is a practising witch.

Tim, Book City Bribie Island
I finished reading The Darkness Within on the weekend and absolutely loved it. I found it difficult to put down. It’s like Anita Blake meets Charmed.

The Weekend Bulletin Magazine
Journo Emily Winters is on to one hell of a scoop, a supernatural conspiracy involving her family and a sacred order of very nasty magicians… Magic and the macabre abound. In a word: Gothic

Aurealis Awards judges’ report, 2008
Although The Darkness Within showed many tried-and-true horror tropes (witches, vampires, a ‘destined’ protagonist, etc), the writing showed flair. While at times inconsistent, there were some great horrific moments that elevated The Darkness Within above other entrants. Nahrung’s novel is a fine example of the emerging trend of authors successfully blending horror and romance.

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