Life of Konrad Nahrung

The Life of Konrad Nahrung, a memoir of a Queensland pioneer

In 2011, I finished annotating and indexing the memoir of my great-great-grandfather, Konrad Nahrung. He emigrated from Germany to Queensland in the 1850s and travelled widely throughout the state, working as a bullocky, a shepherd, bootmaker, gold miner (briefly) and publican before finally settling down to farm at Miva. The memoir is available at cost or as a free download from

6 thoughts on “Life of Konrad Nahrung

  1. I have a bound, typewritten copy of a manuscript by Alex W Nahrung that belonged to my father, Brian Gesch. As I am the only one in my family interested in the history it came to me. There are a number of connections between the two families and I clearly remember “Grandad Nahrung” (Frank ?) who my grandmother Helen Gesch (nee Sutherland) looked on as a father, as he and his wife Helen (a cousin of my grandmother), had brought her to live with them when the married. My grandmother had been orphaned at about the age of seven. It gets quite convoluted as the two cousins had the same name! ANYWAY… I found the manuscript fascinating, and I look forward to reading your book. Regards, Adina Sullivan (nee Gesch).

  2. Hi Adina, I suspect the hardcopy you have is one of the original copies of Konrad’s memoir that was compiled by Alex and later copied and bound and distributed amongst some of the family. I digitised this volume and then corrected typos, added some background information here and there, and removed some duplication. The book includes some old photos that you might find interesting. All the best, Jason

  3. Hi Ashleigh, I’ve updated the link on Konrad’s page to make sure it pulls in the ebook as well as the paperback, both available at Lulu. Thanks so much for getting in touch!

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