Australian vampire stories, post-2006

This is NOT as comprehensive a list as the pre-2007 page offers, due in part to the MA having been concluded and access to university resources having been concluded with it, as well as the continuing vampire lit craze being enormously hard to keep track of. It is, obviously, a work in progress. But here are some of the stories written by Australians involving vampires. Feel free to update me with new additions (and corrections). With apologies for the lazies (see anthology section; I might rectify this as time permits).


Arthur, Keri, 2011. Darkness Rising. Random House.
: book 2 of the Dark Angels series, in which heroine Risa must make a deal with the vampire council’s boss.

Baranay, Inez, 2011. Always Hungry. Melbourne: Arcadia.
: old vampire Bette seduces an Australian writer visiting Amsterdam.

Borsellino, Mary, 2010. The Wolf House, Drollerie Press.
: collecting the five titles of the series, adding fangs to streetwise life on the wild side.

Eagar, Kirsty, 2010. Saltwater Vampires, Penguin.
: YA, in which small beachside Australian town is menaced by vampires with Lost Boys undertones.

Flinthart, Dirk, 2013. Path of Night: FableCroft Publishing.
: vampire noir set in Sydney, in which a test subject battles to stay ahead of the pack.

Harris, Narrelle M, 2007. The Opposite of Life. Pulp Fiction Press.
: Melbourne is the setting for this tale of vampires just getting by.

Harris, Narrelle M, 2012. Walking Shadows. Clan Destine Press.
: sequel to The Opposite of Life, in which someone is killing vampires.

Jamieson, Trent, 2015. Day Boy: Text.
: a fantastical post-apocalyptic Australia is the backdrop for a rural clique of vampires and their diurnal helpers.

Meadows, Foz, 2010. Solace and Grief: Ford Street.
: book 1 of The Rare series, in which a natural born vampire hits the mean streets.

Meadows, Foz, 2011. The Key for Starveldt: Ford Street.
: book 2 of The Rare.

Nahrung, Jason, 2012. Salvage: Twelfth Planet Press.
: set on a Queensland island, the story follows a Carmilla-like bent as a young couple meet an enigmatic foreigner.

Nahrung, Jason, 2012. Blood and Dust: Xoum. Reprinted 2015 by Clan Destine Press.
: a mechanic in outback Queensland has his life destroyed when nomad biker vampires clash with their urban opponents.

Nahrung, Jason, 2015. The Big Smoke: Clan Destine Press.
: sequel to Blood and Dust, in which Kevin the mechanic seeks revenge on the Brisbane vampires, at great cost.

Nahrung, Jason, and Clayton, Mil, 2007. The Darkness Within. Hachette Australia.
: vampires figure in a tale of a Sydney witch up against a pack of nasty magicians.

O’Hara, Tracey, Night’s Cold Kiss: Eos/HarperCollins.
: book 1 of the Dark Brethren series — paranormal romance, conspiracy and murder in the USA.

O’Hara, Tracey, 2011. Death’s Sweet Embrace: Eos/HarperCollins.
: book 2 of the Dark Brethren series.

Rayner Roberts, Tansy, 2010. Power and Majesty, HarperVoyager.
: in book 1 of The Creature Court trilogy, vampire-like shape-shifters face politics and other dangers while keeping a city safe from dissolution by otherworldly forces.

Rayner Roberts, Tansy, 2011. The Shattered City, HarperVoyager.
: book 2 of The Creature Court.

Rayner Roberts, Tansy, 2012. Reign of Beasts, HarperVoyager.
: book 3 of The Creature Court.


Farr, Russell B. (ed), 2011. Dead Red Heart, Perth, WA: Ticonderoga Publications.
: Farr offers a mammoth collection of vampire stories set in Australia, with plenty of variation on the theme.

Grzyb, Liz (ed), 2010. Scary Kisses, Perth, WA: Ticonderoga Publications.
: a collection of paranormal shorts; plenty of vampire action here.

Grzyb, Liz (ed), 2011. More Scary Kisses, Perth, WA: Ticonderoga Publications.
: a second collection of paranormal shorts; plenty of vampire action here, too.

Rayner Roberts, Tansy, 2011. Love and Romanpunk ed Alisa Krasnostein: Twelfth Planet Press.
: four linked short stories, including the titular story, trace a vampire myth from ancient Rome to near-future or alt-future Australia.

Short stories

Arthur, Keri, 2008. “Dreams”, The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, Mammoth.
: set in the Riley world (cf The Guardians series, Full Moon Rising, 2006, et al)

Arthur, Keri, 2008. “Christmas Past”, Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, eds Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner: Ace Hardcover.
: a werewolf and a vampire crash a family Christmas.

Arthur, Keri, 2008. “To Die For”, Hotter Than Hell, eds Kim Harrison and Martin H Greenberg: Harper.
: no details.

Hannett, Lisa, 2011. “From the Teeth of Strange Children”, Bluegrass Symphony, ed Russell B Farr: Ticonderoga Publications.
: vampires in a faux fantasy American South look to get in the family way.

Nahrung, Jason, 2011. “Messiah on the Rock”, Anywhere But Earth, ed Keith Stevenson: Coeur de Lion.
: space marines encounter vampire-like infected zealots on a planetoid.

Nahrung, Jason, 2015. “Night Blooming”, SQ Mag Issue 19.
: in a paranormal Brisbane, two investigators seek a girl drawn to a vampire cult.

Nahrung, Jason, 2014. “The Preservation Society”, Dimension 6 Issue 1.
: in tropical Queensland, vampires gather to taste the sunlight vicariously, but one among them has other plans.

Sussex, Lucy, 2011. “Thief of Lives”, Thief of Lives, ed Alisa Krasnostein: Twelfth Planet Press.
: the real deal faces psychic counterparts living the literary metaphor in Bristol.


Daybreakers, 2009. Directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. Stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.
: flawed but interesting vision of a world dominated by vampires, with dwindling blood stocks. Filmed in Queensland by the Brisbane duo who made impressive zombie flick Undead (2003).

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