Star Trek (rebooted)

Quite enjoyed JJ Abrams’ revisiting of Star Trek, despite having been dubious about the idea of making a prequel to the original series.

Chris Pine, who plays the young James T Kirk, filled the role with aplomb. For that matter, the casting was superb, with particularly strong performances from Zachary Qunito (Spock) and Karl Urban (McCoy). And Simon Pegg, as Scotty, was less dour than the original but played a great comic foil. Eric Bana played a great bad guy, though I might have liked a slightly more heroic finale.

While there were some mannerisms and in-jokes to appeal to Trekkers, you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy this flick. It’s got the character depth and a mix of humour and drama to make it appealing. Though I would like to see a Trek movie that didn’t need a time travel plot.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

The old blog has been a bit quiet this past week, on account of my actually doing some effing writing (woohoo!). How to get the wheels running again after a long period of abstinence? Check this excellent tip from the most excellent Kim Wilkins — it works for me 🙂

Meanwhile, though, we did slip out to take in the latest Underworld movie, Rise of the Lycans. It’s a prequel, fleshing out the history flashbacked in the first movie (I promptly forgot everything about the second movie, it was that atrocious; not as bad as the second Highlander movie *shudder, we do not call it by its name* but still pretty naff — what was it with that helicopter scene??).

It was done well, for the most part, especially once it got going. Rhona Mitra played the part well, and looked enough like Kate Beckinsale in vampire mode, far moreso than the *blonde* actress they used in the first movie. Bill Nighy was his spitting best. The werewolves looked cool. But I was left with the feeling, why? What did this movie tell us that we didn’t know already, and that we really needed to know to have a better understanding of the other movies? Answer: not a lot. And for my money, not enough vampire action. But that’s probably just me.

If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about and have managed to read this far, check out the trailer.