roue cyr and doch

I stumbled across this new-ish form of circus act today, Roue Cyr, and it’s way cool.



I came across mention of it in an article about Gypsy band Doch doing a show with circus performers at Brisbane Powerhouse. We caught Doch at the Woodford Folk Festival and they were pretty darn exciting. Add in some gymnastics and whatever else, and it would make for an interesting show.

At last year’s Woodford, I was blown away by another Gypsy-style band, The Counterfeit Gypsies. Worth checking out!

counterfeit gypsies at woodford 07

counterfeit gypsies at woodford 07

melbourne horror con

Just found out about a convention in March in Melbourne featuring a swag (well, four) actors, who’ve appeared in horror movies and TV shows, and for some inexplicable reason, Suicide Girls. I guess for a certain demographic horror and T&A go together. Pity, that. Anyhoo, the Hub horror con reads like one of those Star Trek-style cons where the guests parade through a Q&A panel or two and sign autographs for a fee, and certainly the talent is attractive (Suicide Girls not included, attractive yes, talent… debatable): Robert Englund, Brad Dourif, Jeffrey Combs and Tony Dodd, and a promise of more to come.

Also of interest is the Supernatural con they’re planning for April, with the stars of the TV show Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Incredibly, tickets costing $1400 and $800 have sold out. Are these boys hot or what?

There is also some do related to Twilight, but I think both the book and movie are naff, so I didn’t check that out 🙂

new doctor who

Passing on this juicy piece of info about the new Dr Who, Matt Smith!

For me, Dr Who was Jon Pertwee and then Tom Baker, after which I lost interest, until the latest series from the BBC got me hooked again. We’re still catching up with the new stuff (season 2, enter David Tennant) and hoping to revisit some of the old stuff as the budget allows. Timeless indeed!