Heaven and Hell aka Dio’s Black Sabbath

It looks like the Heaven and Hell tour of 2007 has stirred the blood of the Black Sabbath veterans, headed by Ronnie James Dio. The band have a new album due out in May, appropriately called The Devil You Know, led by the cracking single Bible Black. I got to interview Geezer Butler in 07 ahead of the tour, and what a lovely chap he was. Still miffed I wasn’t able to make that gig, so I’ve fingers crossed for a second shot if their current tour makes it Down Under.

2 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell aka Dio’s Black Sabbath

  1. Album comes out tomorrow for where I live and I’m super stoked for it. Saw the ’07 tour in Regina, Saskatchewan and it was truly kickass – quite a shame you couldn’t catch ’em.

    Of course, jealous you interviewed Geezer, sounds neat.

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping in. I heard great things about the gig. I did manage to catch Ozzy on his tour, but it wasn’t exactly cracking.

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