Jeff Martin and Wayne Sheehy at the Troubadour

I’m trying to recall the last time I was consumed by the music. Probably Nine Inch Nails ripping up the Soundwave festival. And now tonight, with Jeff Martin and Wayne Sheehy unleashing an intensity of peformance that was simply staggering. Playing at the Troubadour, an intimate acoustic gig with the sound right up to keep the chatterers quiet, the pair came out firing, Jeff on guitar and vocals, Wayne on percussion. The Bazaar to open, followed by Requiem/Hurt. And I was gone for all money. It helped that the front ranks stayed seated on the floor, offering superb line of sight. That the sound was, mostly, crisp and at just the right volume to drown out the background rabble without being painful, helped. But it was the attack, the emotion, the obvious rapport between the two, and of course the music, drawing from Tea Party and Jeff’s solo album and the Armada — the pair’s band, in this instance with Jay Cortes on bass. His addition for the last three songs — The Kingdom, Black Snake Blues/Whole Lotta Love and encore Save Me (with Jeff’s voice close to straining out) — added yet another dimension. Good news: Jeff reported a sellout of the Armada album in Aussie stores, and also that the Armada are set to return to Australia in November, with Roy Harper as guest.

2 thoughts on “Jeff Martin and Wayne Sheehy at the Troubadour

  1. I saw Jeff and Wayne last night at the Brass Monkey in Cronulla. The whole audience was mesmerised for the whole set. I couldnt go to the bar for another drink because I couldnt tear my eyes away. The shivers came and went as he went into each song… Culminating in Sister Awake, my all time favourite. I couldnt decide whether the sensory sensation of closing my eyes for the song, or staring greedily at Jeff and Wayne, knowing it was the last song was better. I opted for a combination, and wow. Just wow. Bring it on in November!

  2. Yes indeedy, the November tour should be quite special! And yes, Sister Awake, such an awesome track…

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