Poppet power

When I think of poppets, I usually think of voodoo, but at the World Fantasy Convention in San Jose in October, my horizons got broadened by artist Lisa Snellings. Aren’t these just the cutest darn things??

2 thoughts on “Poppet power

  1. i have seen her puppets on etsy before..they are very cool! they almost look like they have no souls…did you purchase any for yourself? and where are your san jsoe pictures? lol hope allis well for you and kirstyn..xoxoxo

  2. Our San Jose experience was pretty limited to the convention and some fine meals in the vicinity, and the excursion to the Winchester mystery house that we took out of San Francisco. Sadly, the poppets were all on auction at the con, and I was a terrible bidder. Thank goodness for internet shopping!

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