The Darkness Within available from England

the darkness within

Not quite as exciting as the headline sounds, but an interesting comment on the global market and self-promotion in one. An eBay seller in the UK has managed to snaffle five copies of The Darkness Within, though it was released only in Australia and NZ. At 12 quid plus postage, it’s still a discount on the cover price ($33), even when shipped back to Australia.

It’s also being offered for $A23 at The Book Depository, an excellent UK shop I’ve patronised in the past that has free international shipping.

Three cheers for the global market place, eh?

One thought on “The Darkness Within available from England

  1. Cool to see that The Book Depository is now selling TDW!
    Ive clocked up a few purchases from that site and have always had excellent service and quick postage to Australia.
    Nice one 🙂

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