Best screen vampires

Another day, another list … this one of the Ten Best Screen Vampires at the Guardian was winning me hands down until the very end, where once again the confusion about popular equating to good kicked in. Honestly, if you want a vampire struggling with their nature and trying to practise restraint, wouldn’t you go for one that actually makes you feel the true weight of that struggle rather than just mooching about – at best a cad, at worst a dirty old man? Like, say, Louis in Interview, or eponymous Angel, or even Nick Knight (probably more the TV show than the movie)? Still, nine out of 10 ain’t bad (even if I’d probably have plumbed for Kirsten Dunst’s Claudia in Interview as my child representative).

2 thoughts on “Best screen vampires

  1. 9/10 is right. What are they thinking? How can Bela Lugosi, Max Schreck, & Gary Oldman appear on any list…EVER…alongside Robert Pattinson?

  2. I appreciate that narrowing the list to just 10 is a hell of an ask and he’s done a good job of picking illustrative characters rather than just, say, 10 iterations of Dracula. I was glad to notice mention of the likes of Lee and Defoe and Kinski in readers’ comments on the Guardian piece. The flame is still alive!

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