Aurealis goes digital … and free for the moment

aurealis 45 first digital edition cover

It’s not just official … it’s available now: the first section of Aurealis #45 is available at Smashwords as a free download. This is a big shift for the venerable Aussie spec fic mag, which is using the digital arena to go monthly, incorporating AurealisXpress. It’s starting with #45, the last issue compiled by Stuart Mayne as editor, and is breaking it up over four months under the stewardship of Aurealis co-founder Dirk Strasser (21 years ago!) and Carissa Thorp. Somewhere in the queue is a story of mine of which I’m quite proud. Yay!

I’ve been told that the #45 yarns will be collected into a print ‘best of’ edition in 2012, which is good news, because I do love my artifacts!

Sean the Bookonaut has already given the new-look e-edition a shot and his review is quite favourable.

Having just had a squiz at the pdf, and it’s come up well, internal artwork included, and it’s cool to see hyperlinks.

2 thoughts on “Aurealis goes digital … and free for the moment

  1. I think its an interesting direction, and its comforting to hear there will be a best of as well, in print.

    I think the move to digital was inevitable, its already made subscription a no brainer for me and it makes the mag more attractive and available for international readers and consequently should provide even greater exposure for Australian writers

  2. Agreed, with the bonus of a more regular ‘print’ schedule, which will, as you say, encourage subscriptions.

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