The novella, Salvage, surfaces at last!

salvage by jason nahrung

Twelfth Planet Press has announced the forthcoming publication of my novella, Salvage — big smiles all round. The novella was written primarily over three consecutive years, at my writers’ group retreat on Bribie Island, and then finished off in a fourth retreat on the shore of Lake Weyba at Noosa. The cover art is by Dion Hamill, who also provided covers for TPP’s Horn, amongst others (and not, as previously written here, TPP’s edition of Marianne de Pierres’ Glitter Rose). Now, the edits…

14 thoughts on “The novella, Salvage, surfaces at last!

  1. Congratulations Jason, look forward to seeing the physical copy of this. However, you might like to edit your post – the cover of Glitter Rose was by Anna Repp. Dion has done the covers for Horn, Bleed, New Ceres Nights, Siren Beat/Roadkill and Angaelien Apocalypse/The Company Articles of Edward Teach for Twelfth Planet Press though πŸ™‚

  2. Well done you! No stopping you at the moment, hey? Now, I’m doubly proud of you – alwayz proud of you πŸ™‚ The cover art looks gorgeous and reflects your tale well. Can’t wait to read it in its published form πŸ™‚

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