Up a tree, with vampires

kathleen jennings illo of Jason Nahrung up a tree

A belated note to acknowledge that the wonderful Dr Brains have picked my grey matter for ruminations on things writerly and vampiric over at their Lair — if the wonderful Kathleen Jennings illo is anything to judge by, I’ve truly gone out on a limb! (Because the Brains, aka Angela Slatter and Lisa Hannett both host — a kind of left and right brain thing, perhaps — I’m linking to them both!)

For those who haven’t seen the blog that this illo riffs off, Goths Up Trees is not only photographically interesting but comes with the kind of endearing snark one would expect — great fun.

4 thoughts on “Up a tree, with vampires

  1. Well Jason, can’t say what it is, but I feel that you look really good up that tree. If you ever do decide to come down, do so in the knowledge that there is more than one tree in the forest, and that you are sure to be up that one just as fast.

    Best wishes,

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