Hachette joins the open season for manuscript submissions

UPDATE: a list of major publishers accepting unagented submissions in on the website!

Hachette Australia has joined the ranks of legacy publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Unlike its contemporaries, it has not restricted when submissions can be sent, and promises a three-week response (or rejection by non-response) for fiction, non-fiction and children’s. They’ll look at the first chapter or 50 pages; non-fic needs a chapter breakdown. Sorry, poets: no joy for you.

Others accepting submissions: Penguin’s Monthly Catch on the first week of each month; Pan Macmillan’s Manuscript Monday and its e-only arm Momentum’s Momentum Monday; and Allen & Unwin’s long-running Friday Pitch.

7 thoughts on “Hachette joins the open season for manuscript submissions

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  3. I would like to submit my series of Crime Romance Fiction for your consideration but where is the link or page to go to? Not clear on this sight…..Please advise and thank you I HAVE ENTERED A VALID website THANK YOU…..ITS http://www.jennyford.com.au ?? It tells me its not valid

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