WriteFest windows of opportunity, and other writerly news

Bundaberg’s WriteFest is a great event, one of those fairly intimate occasions when everyone’s just chilled out yet totally keen. This year the organisers have upped the ante, offering a workshop with Louise Cusack — her writing advice is always worth it — as well as the chance to get feedback from Allen & Unwin’s Rachael Donovan on how to improve a submission to a publisher, and a chance to talk to Clan Destine Press’s Lindy Cameron about a manuscript. But you want to be quick: applications for the feedback sessions close on Sunday April 15. Check out the website: there’s plenty more on, including two workshops with Marianne de Pierres and seminars on many things writerly. WriteFest is held on May 19.

  • Michael Hauge provides insight into story structure and the rules of engagement for hero and ‘reflection character’.
  • The horror of having a book go to print without its opening line, and a constructive way of dealing with the misdeed, courtesy of Kirstyn McDermott.
  • I’ve recently had cause to chinwag with a.rawlings, this year’s Arts Queensland poet in residence hosted by Queensland Poetry Festival, and was again struck by the power of the written word when read out loud. I found her poem, ‘a hoosh a ha’, inside her collection Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists, and then this clip on YouTube of her performing the piece. It’s a gorgeous book, beautifully laid out, but to hear those words out loud: wow. To complete the narrative circle of this post, it’s worth the mention that one of Louise Cusack’s suggestions for improving self-editing is to read the work out loud. Advice I really wish I’d take more often, because it really does highlight awkwardness, errors and repetition.

  • 3 thoughts on “WriteFest windows of opportunity, and other writerly news

    1. Thanks for spreading the Good News, Jason. There’s a lot of writers eagerly honing their manuscripts for a chance to chat with Rachael and/or Lindy at WriteFest. It’s Bundy’s fav event of the year – and having both Marianne and Louise here in 2012 is a double bonus.

    2. Thanks for spreading the Good News, Jason. There’s a few writers honing their manuscripts as we speak for the chance of a face-to-face with Lindy or Rachael. WriteFest is always my fav event of the year (except maybe AussieCon) – made extra awesome in 2012 because Louise, Marrianne and Kaz Delaney will be there. #FantasySmorgasbord

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