Seaside cupcakes for Salvage

cupcakes for SalvageMy seaside Gothic Salvage was launched in a combined party held by the publisher, Twelfth Planet Press, at Continuum earlier in June, and as part of the celebration, Terri took it upon herself to make cupcakes for certain of the press’s titles: I think 13 all up. Terri lives in Perth. The convention was in Melbourne. She spent the best part of 12 hours in a hotel room decorating some 400 cupcakes. That’s not including the ones she left behind…

The madcap but ultimately delicious exercise is detailed at her blog, at which she details how to decorate a cupcake, or indeed a shortbread, with a beach theme fitting of a seaside Gothic. Coconut is the key!

9 thoughts on “Seaside cupcakes for Salvage

  1. We had shortbread versions at the launch due to a logistical hiccup, and they were indeed very tasty. The entire batch went down very quickly indeed 🙂

  2. Highly recommend it for hanging out with like-minded writerly types. Take a gander at World Fantasy Convention in Brighton next year if spec fic’s your thang 😉

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