The Tea Party brew up a storm at Melbourne’s Palais

tea party band jeff stuart chatwood jeff martin jeff burrowsHow good was it to see Stuart Chatwood caressing those keyboards? Jeff Burrows going restrained Animal on the drums up the back, silhouetted by that spectacular backlighting beaming out across the Palais like some kind of mystical door opening? And Jeff Martin, being Jeff Martin, up the front of the Tea Party for the first time since they called it a day seven years ago?

Very bloody good.

Sure, the sound was always a pain with the feedback buzz and increasing muddiness. The lighting at times a little overbearing. The medleys a little ad hoc, not quite as smooth in the transitions as we’re used to.

Oh, there might be a few cobwebs still hanging off the trio, but after two hours of blasting out hits such as ‘The River’, ‘The Bazaar’, highlights in ‘Fire in the Head’ and ‘Psychopomp’, and on, to an encore culminating in ‘Sister Awake’/’Paint It Black’), they proved they’ve still got IT.

Throw in the theremin on ‘Lullaby’ (if memory serves), ‘Shadows on the Mountainside’ and a wee slice of ‘Hallelujah’ — more Cohen than Buckley — with ‘Heaven Coming Down’, ‘Release’, ‘Temptation’ and more, and last night’s opening gig of the Reformation tour in Melbourne was quite the emotional rollercoaster. More fun than Luna Park next door. And somehow, walking out into a cool, light shower of rain was the perfect end to what might be a new beginning for the Canadian trio.

They’re recording this Australian tour for a live album; will the studio follow?

7 thoughts on “The Tea Party brew up a storm at Melbourne’s Palais

  1. Loved it – several songs sent shivers down my spine, and I believe at one point I might have teared up…

    Fire in the Head was my highlight. Wish I could play the whole night back in my head – off to order the CD!!

  2. What a powerful outfit…still. Enjoyed the gig despite the sound issues. Not sure if much of what was recorded on the night could be used for a live album because of the sound issues. They were chasing it bit by bit for most of the night. Jeff Burrows is amazing to watch….such complex beats and never misses.

  3. We were pretty far up the back on the balcony and still got some lovely bass ripple through the belly/chair 🙂

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