Blood and Dust on the digital horizon aka Kevin the vampire lives!

blood and dust by jason nahrung

This is the cover for Blood and Dust, my outback vampire novel coming soonish to digital shelves everywhere thanks to Aussie publisher Xoum. I quite like it! (Honestly, the art dept has fkn nailed it, yeah?)

The cat has kind of slipped out of the bag on this one, but it’s nice to be able to share the horror joy. The story’s more than 10 years and four major iterations in the making, and for those who know — this is the story of Kevin, the vampire. And yes, the Monaro is still there …

You might have also noticed recently another lurvly book cover hitting the interwebs:

perfections by kirstyn mcdermott

Why yes, I have read an unedited version of this novel by Kirstyn McDermott, and yes, it is very good. Coming soonish, too!

7 thoughts on “Blood and Dust on the digital horizon aka Kevin the vampire lives!

  1. One of those occasions when, yep, it hit the spot. Xoum were amazingly open to suggestions, not that I had many to make πŸ™‚

  2. Well Jason, just wondering if you might have seriously toyed with the idea of an alternative title such as ‘Blood and Lust’. And on Kirstyn’s ‘Perfections’ good to have this novel from her, being that the second can often be so much more of a slog than the first.

  3. LOL we did toy with Lust (bloodlust?) in the Dust, but then thought much better of that. Actually, the working title for quite a long time was Blood, Dust and Monaros. I guess if we’d made it Sexy Monaros the acronym would’ve been BDSM!

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