Pacific Rim: One for the dinosaurs

pacific rim posterIt could have, and should have, been superb: Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro (see also Devil’s Backbone, Cronos and Hellboy) helming a big-screen flick in which giant mechs — human-driven robots — battle giant monsters — ‘kaiju’ — for dominance of the Earth.

Pacific Rim is a pretty movie. It has some comedy moments. Ron Perlman’s appearance got a chuckle from the cinema. But that can’t save it.

Oh hackney! Where is your plot? Your logic? Where are your characters? Where is your time limit, for pity’s sake?

No more stereotypes, I beg you. Neither racial nor gendered. Isn’t it time we left this boyish, dinosaur-aged bullshit behind?

Look to anime, to Evangelion … see? See how something can be pretty and still tell a story?

Women can pilot mechs and don’t need to be protected by oafish, testosterone-fuelled males. What a great excuse for a punch-up — ‘apologise to the lady’. FFS, the ‘lady’ could’ve kicked both their arses.

Oh mechs, your tactics are flawed, and writers, your world building so thin I could ride a daikaiju through it as easily as they crash through your ludicrous sea wall.

I could go deeper, dissect the many aggravations and sheer occasions of stupid evident in this half-baked, pedestrian effort, but I’ve already given it more than two hours of my life.

In a mech shell: an irrelevant comedy side act, boorish leads — what the hell is Hollywood doing to Idris Elba? — and flimsy plot devices make for a monster of a flop.

6 thoughts on “Pacific Rim: One for the dinosaurs

  1. And I hear they couldn’t be bothered to press gang some Aussies in to do the accents either.

    We salute you for your brave efforts.

  2. Saw the trailer and thought “Blah!” straight away. I had my fill of giant mechs in “Transformers” thanks. Went and saw “The Lone Ranger” instead and although a bit long, enjoyed the 2 1/2 hr ride.

  3. ‘Ride’. Heh. PacRim was visually very cool – a lot of earth shaking as the mechs stomped around and stuff. I saw a trailer of Lone Ranger and some scene with the horse racing through a train just looked, ahem, lame. Bad memories of the CGI in Van Helsing just came flooding back!

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