NIN: nailing it on the return

hesitation marks by nine inch nailsI finally got my download of the new Nine Inch Nails album, Hesitation Marks, on Wednesday night, and it was on high rotation all day yesterday. It’s a smooth little number, so damn grooveable: it wears its angst on the inside. A quick perusal of the song titles will show you what I mean: ‘All Time Low’, ‘Disappointed’, the cracking ‘Came Back Haunted’ …

Trent Reznor is clever enough, old enough, to know he can’t play the Downward Spiral or — my fave — Pretty Hate Machine card. So he’s moved on, but not abandoned the sound that marks a NIN album. Nor the atmosphere, really.

I love the construction of the songs, the way various influences come through without losing that NIN sensibility. There’s no hesitation here at all: it’s a big exclamation mark from these ears, oh yes.

Here’s an awesome interview with Reznor in Spin, about the making of the album, where he’s at musically; and here’s a grand review at the Guardian and another at AMG, just to give you some better-considered reviews to be going on with. Of course, the proof is in the listening. You can stream the album here.

7 thoughts on “NIN: nailing it on the return

  1. Reblogged this on AnjanetteD's Blog and commented:
    I’ve heard MANY good things about this album and let me say I am such a big LOVer of [N.I.N] Nine Inch Nails music since the beggining hands down! I am not dissapointed with this album at all I think it might be my favorite of 2013!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Anjanette. I was listening to the album on the train, and once again was struck by how cohesive it is, and how each song has such variation within it, and some of those lyrics just smack you way down deep, eh.

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  4. yes I’m VERY EXCITED for that! also looking forward to going to some music festivals during the summer too

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