Publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

Email_previewThere’s probably a bunch of these lists around the interwebs, but I’ve just added a selection of major publishers happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts, most by email or online, to my website.

Also, Angry Robot is open during December and January to subs.

4 thoughts on “Publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

  1. I am surprised to see a list of publishers taking unsolicited manuscripts. No publisher in Canada or the U.S. has done this for 50 years – you need an agent.

  2. agents are scarce and selective: only some genres, not accepting new authors, many barriers in the gateways for aspiring writers. Try e-books?

  3. there are a few different pathways to publication, and it probably all comes back to what one wants from one’s publishing experience. having a contract from a publisher may open doors to agents, for instance; self-publishing is an option; targeting non-legacy publishers another.

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