Spare Parts wheeled out in style at A Touch of the Terrors

Chuck McKenzie reads short story Spare Parts by Jason Nahrung at YouTube

Chuck McKenzie aka Uncle Charles has been doing a wonderfully entertaining series of readings of spooky stories – he has crossed the 30 mark – and now it’s my turn.

‘Spare Parts’ is one of my first published stories, back when I was active in Brisbane’s Vision Writers group and we put out an anthology of members’ work. (2003 – heady days!) It was reprinted in 2011.

Chuck succinctly, knowingly, describes the story thus:

In this dark vision of the near future from Jason Nahrung, cloning technology provides the rich with a steady supply of compatible transplant organs. Healthy hearts, Undamaged livers. Fresh lungs. Finally, anything that threatens your quality of life can be replaced.


With that kind of description, I reckon I’d pay him to do my book blurb!

You can wrap your ears around it at A Touch of the Terrors!

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