voices in my head

After months of nothing, finally this week I wrote something. Something fictional. Creative, even. And it felt *good*. For the first time since, hm, September maybe, I’ve got voices in my head unveiling their lives to me, piece by piece, and I’ve got more than seven pages of notes and assorted scene grabs to show for it. Not a lot, but it’s a start, a blessed start. I hadn’t realised how lonely I was without them, these people in my head. I don’t know where they come from but I’m sure glad they’re back.

I think perhaps we all need downtime. A recent article brought this home to me, the importance of giving oneself permission to do nothing. To recharge and revitalise. And then there’s this piece from Cory Doctorow in Locus about maximising writing time amid the distractions. Great advice, especially the bit about leaving something for tomorrow, leaving something for you subconscious to niggle at while you do other things. Resting included.

I figure a little bit of crop rotation in the fertile fields of the mind can’t hurt.

Now I should go write something. The voices are calling.