Devil Dolls and Duplicates

devil dolls and duplicates

It’s official enough to shout about … check out this spooky little book cover! Devil Dolls and Duplicates in Australian Horror — a collection of short stories about, um, devilish dolls and doppelgangers of all makes put together by Anthony Ferguson — is due out in February through Equilibrium Books (who are taking pre-orders).

Check out this quality list of tried and true yarns, which includes an early story of mine about one way to make the most of a clone. The title says it all, really:

Marcus Clarke: Human Repetends
Wynne Whiteford: Automaton
Van Ikin: And Eve Was Drawn from the Rib of Adam
Michael Wilding: This is for You
Stephen Dedman: A Single Shadow
Jason Franks: The Third Sigil
Jay Caselberg: Porcelain
Sean Williams: The Girl Thing
Chuck McKenzie: Confessions of a Pod Person
Lee Battersby: The Divergence Tree
Rick Kennett: Excerpt from In Quinns Paddock
Lucy Sussex: La Sentinelle
Jason Nahrung: Spare Parts
Robert Hood: Regolith
Kaaron Warren: Doll Money
Andrew J McKiernan: Calliope – A Steam Romance
Tracie McBride: Last Chance to See
Martin Livings: Blessed are the Dead that the Rain Falls Upon
B Michael Radburn: The Guardian
Daniel I Russell: Tricks, Mischief and Mayhem
Christopher Elston: Hugo – Man of a Thousand Faces