in, out and gargoyles

gargoyles moves into mount waverley

It’s been a quiet around the blog’s coffee pot lately due to the pot having been moved about 8km, and then being abandoned while we enjoyed a road trip to Newcastle – up by the Hume, back by the Princes. But we have internet, new bookshelves, a garage the car can get into and, of course, the coffee pot plugged in. Hurray! Very happy to report everything fits and the gargoyles are feeling right at home, though the cats are still enjoying – or not – the new experiences of the bigger, brighter accommodations (below: Smudge, finding a cupboard to explore!). So far, the Mount Waverley eateries have proven to be brilliant, so that’s a good sign! We just have the book shelves to populate and a few bits and bobs to tidy up before life returns to normal – whatever that means. Watch this space 🙂

cat explores cupboard