Happy birthday, Edgar Allan Poe

January 19, 2009, is the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s birth. And what a talent he was, with a life so tragic and twisted and mysterious even that continues to tantalise, as if his incredible oeuvre was not enough.

To find out more about dear old Edgar, check out this site which not only has an extensive bio, but most if not all of his works available to read online.

And while I’m lamenting lost talents, it’s worth a second moment of introspection for Vincent Price, who played so many roles based on Poe’s work and gave them a certain, haunted, insane, camp rendition.

Gentlemen, I owe you one.

One thought on “Happy birthday, Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Ask and ye shall receive – that’s how I scored a collected works of Edgar Allan Poe for my eleventh birthday. Creepy, heart-thudding and perfect. For my twelfth, I asked for a type-writer….

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