Vale Lisa Lamb

Lisa Lamb by Mark Greenmantle

Lisa, photographed by Mark Greenmantle at our book launch in 2007.

I just got back from a trip to Phillip Island and was all fired up to share the penguin fun, when I got an email telling me that our gorgeous Lisa Lamb has died. So the penguins can wait.

Lisa was a pal from Brisbane, a comedian and a reporter and a writer and a performer and an event manager and, most importantly, a mum. But it was her performance that led me to know her, a vivacious, vibrant personality who was grabbing the world with both hands, wowing the adoring boys of France with her burlesque, lighting up rooms with her presence, cracking laughs over massive steaks a person of her petite size had no right to be able to tuck away.

We’re told it was a cardiac arrest that put her into a vegetative state that has been enduring for months, and one can only imagine the heartache that must’ve brought her family, to have this huge personality contained in such a way. It feels like the death of Superman, honestly.

In life, Lisa blazed, and in her passing, she throws a long shadow.

Vale, Woolly, and godspeed.

10 thoughts on “Vale Lisa Lamb

  1. OMG!!
    I can’t hardly believe this news. Lisa was an absolute doll.
    She will be definitely missed by all her friends in the burlesque and comedy circles.
    Thanks for passing on the sad news. 😦

  2. I found out about Lisa’s passing at MBS Sydney today. I was floored. We’d had a ball in France and Spain in 2008 and at Jeez Louise in 2009. Lisa’s passing is a huge loss and her larger than life persona will be sadly missed. My deepest sympathy to all her family and friends. Thank you Lisa for the joy that you brought into my life.

  3. Dear Jason

    I just stumbled across your tribute to Lisa and I know that she would have loved it. You captured her perfectly. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jason, I stumbled across this article recently after googling mums name to see what would come up, this brought me to tears it’s so beautiful she would of absolutly loved this I think comparing her to superman would have definitly made her smile thank you for writing this x ellie

  5. Good day,

    I’ve been thinking upon the past recently,
    and this day, and some months preceding it, are an important part of mine.

    I just wanted to thank you for eulogizing Lisa so beautifully. I just wanted to see her again y’know. Your words made it like she was sitting here with me.

    Thank you for your guidance down memory lane.

    Kind regards,

    Johnny Austin

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