Salvage on the media tide

The Herald Sun‘s ‘Weekend’ section ran a review of Salvage on 25 August by Corinna Hente. Grand to see a novella published by a small press getting a run!

salvage review in herald sun

The lovely Sonja at Joy 94.9 FM‘s Sci-fi and Squeam invited Kirstyn and myself into the studio recently to discuss ‘horror’, Gothic and the language of writing. The longplay podcast is online.

And Noosa Today has run a pic from my visit to the wonderfully supportive Noosa Library earlier this month, sharing the Salvage love and talking writing and publishing. Sorry to the guys who came in a little later and missed the surprise photo op! I love the kaffeeklatsch style of yarning with enthusiastic writers and readers.

noosa clipping for salvage library visit

4 thoughts on “Salvage on the media tide

  1. You know I wished that I hadn’t know it was a Vampire book before I read it. I think it might be better coming to it straight.

    But man, good coverage. Now I understand why the two of you have been quiet 🙂

  2. That and trying to write the next one, Sean 😉
    But you’re right about the v-word; it has been hard to market Salvage because of it. To reveal the vampire or not, that’s been the question… especially since the word never gets used in the novel. I’ve been thrilled that most reviews have managed to avoid it, too, while still reflecting the Gothic mood; but all I’ve seen have been thoughtful and considered and I appreciate that. And you know how wonderful it is to have a genre publisher who doesn’t insist the story starts with blood and guts and grease off the rod, but is happy to turn up the heat slowly? Very wonderful!

  3. That was a lovely extended interview wit the two of you on joy. And as soon as you said Blood & Dust outback vampire motorcycle gang I could taste the mix of petrol fumes, dust and vampire ash on my tongue 🙂

  4. Thanks, Sean. Sonja is a great supporter of spec fic. I’m hoping the sequel to Blood & Dust is a considerably shorter process…

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