Epilogue: so there is hope for Thoraiya after all!

A little while ago, writer and reviewer Thoraiya Dyer said that one day I might provide her with a glimmer of hope in a short story, and I said, much chuffed with her review, that I was working on it and the jury was still out. Well, the jury has returned its verdict, and I’m pleased to say, it’s guilty. ‘Mornington Ride’ has found a home in the FableCroft anthology Epilogue, the theme of which is hope after the apocalypse (it’s original working title was, in fact, Apocalypse Hope). I think ‘a glimmer of hope’ sums up my yarn well. The icing on the cake is that Thoraiya has a story in the anthology as well!

Here is the table of contents:

‘Time and Tide’, Lyn Battersby
‘Fireflies’, Steve Cameron
‘Sleeping Beauty’, Thoraiya Dyer
‘The Fletcher Test’, Dirk Flinthart
‘Ghosts’, Stephanie Gunn
‘Sleepers’, Kaia Landelius
‘Solitary’, Dave Luckett
‘Losses Beyond the Kill Point’, Kathleen Martin
‘Cold Comfort’, David McDonald
‘Mornington Ride’, Jason Nahrung
‘The Last Good Town’, Elizabeth Tan

[Edit: due to my botching the WordPress publishing feature, this post originally appeared with a too-early date stamp.]