A beautiful thing

Now here’s a beautiful book cover, and I’m sure you don’t have to be as biased as me to agree.

It’s a privilege to have had an early look at this gorgeous debut.

Get the skinny at Picador’s page for Madigan Mine

Death Most Definite – WANT

A bounce around the interwebs produced a lovely image of the cover of Trent Jamieson’s upcoming debut novel, Death Most Definite. It’s very pretty. The story sounds awesome, with its Pratchett undertones: a Reaper man trying to keep the lid on the restless dead when the boss goes missing. Given that Trent’s one of the best darn writers I know, I can’t wait to get my little paws on this read. The even better news is, there’s at least two more in the works for the same series. (Note to self: make more room on book shelf.) It should be out in time for September’s Worldcon in Melbourne — huzzah!